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The primary goal at Elite Tech Systems is to enable our clients to do business the best they can. We aim to provide a proven, yet customized solution for each of our clients, while maintaining a streamlined and accessible support system. Our specialties and partnerships help enable our business, however it is the relationships we cultivate and maintain with our clients that ensure its success. We encourage all of our clients to keep an open line of communication with us to ensure our partnerships stay strong. We strive for Elite Tech Systems to be your first contact for all things tech!

Steve July 2014

Steve Nichols

Owner/Technical Consultant

Steve graduated from California Lutheran University with a Bachelors in Political Science in 2002.  He has been working professionally in IT for over 20 years.  As a tech company journeyman, he has been involved with consulting in IT and Application Support in over 2,000 different environments.  Steve has a unique ability to be both an engineer of systems and technical liaison for his customers.  He is supported by his wife, Jaime, and 3 children.  He makes the Conejo Valley his home, while servicing the Tri-County area.  He enjoys playing softball and golf, and is an avid sports fan.